Diamonds 'n Denim Linedancing


  Port Macquarie & Camden Haven NSW Aust    


CLASSES are on Monday and Tuesday.   Venues are air conditioned.  NEW BEGINNERS and visitors are very welcome.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.

Monday and Tuesday are similar.  Beginner class is followed, after a short break, by Intermediate.  One cost covers both of these classes however the second session does not cater for beginners.  Intermediate dancers are welcome at the beginner class for warm up and helping newcomers.

BEGINNER class starts with new beginners for the first half hour.  The following half hour is still beginners, for those who have been dancing for a while and know more steps.  INTERMEDIATE not suitable for beginners.  Afternoon tea is provided.   Following is sample dance sheet for 'Kaw-Liga', easy intermediate. 


Map 1 - Port Macquarie Rotary Hall:  198 Hastings River Drive. 

Map 2 - Club North Haven:  1 Woodford Road.

Map 3 - Telegraph Point Community hall:  7 Cooperabung Drive.  

Map 4 - Kendall Community hall, Comboyne St, Kendall

198 Hastings River Dr Port Macquarie nsw aust
1 woodford st north haven nsw aust
7 Cooperabung Drive Telegraph Point NSW
comboyne st kendall nsw

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