Diamonds 'n Denim Linedancing


  Port Macquarie & Camden Haven NSW Aust    

Links - Local area & Linedance 

LOCAL AREA ..  Visiting?   

Diamonds 'n Denim's home venue and owner of excellent motel, 'Haven Waters'.  

Venue for Tuesday class. 

Port Macquarie Hastings local council and What's Happening link to our area  

Quaint and progessive local village, 2 of our linedance venues.  

Award winning local services club, overlooking the beautiful Camden Haven river   

The famous LHM, excellent accommodation and entertainment


DANCE STEP SHEETS:  - excellent site for Aust choreographers only.   Recommended, all countries, not just UK.   Voted BEST TO USE.  

Jan Wyllie  Dance sheets 

Bill Bader  - excellent links to o'seas and Aust

Gordon Elliott

Chris Watson

Rosalie Mackay

Robyn Ward

Anne Bradbury

Debbie Greaves

Barbara Hile  

Carl Sullivan

Tracie Lee

Tom Glover

Sandy Kerrigan

Mark & Kate Simpkin

Liz Collette

Jennifer Hughes

Robyn Groot

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