Diamonds 'n Denim Linedancing


  Port Macquarie & Camden Haven NSW Aust    


REGULAR SOCIALS are on Saturdays, usually the 3rd weekend.  There is a programme with dances we are currently doing in class as well as favourite floor fillers.  There is always time for requests.  These socials are suitable for beginners and cater for all levels. For a programme in advance, please email [email protected]

GOLDEN OLDIES are on 4th Friday of the month, except during winter, at Port Macquarie Rotary Hall.  Programme is ALL requests.  A 'Golden Oldie' dance can be any well known dance from prior years that we're not currently doing in class.  The dance can be 20 year old classic, or just last year's.  'Golden Oldies' are not suitable for beginners who will not have seen these dances.  

Venues and times can change, check current "Newsletter" for updates or phone Di on 6581 0898 or 0418 636278

BUDAPEST with Rosalie Mackay, 2014.  Towards end of workshop video, you'll see some Diamonds 'n Denim dancers, in red shirts.

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Diamonds 'n Denim Linedancers - Port Macquarie & Camden Haven NSW Aust;  email [email protected]